Give and Take - NEW EPISODE!

Today we are discussing the things in your life that “give” you energy and things that “take” your energy away. This spiritual exercise helps build self-awareness so you can know what is needed in times when you feel depleted and how to build upon those that give you energy. 

OPENING PRAYER : A Prayer for Healers

Dear God,

I surrender this session to you. 

I ask that my interaction with this person be used for Your purposes.

I surrender all worldly thought I would bring from my past and ask, in this moment, to be filled with Your wisdom.

May I be used as a channel for Your healing power, for by myself I can heal no one. Rather I remember that your power within me does the work. 

Show me how to love this person and listen to him and counsel him as You would have me do. May I remind him of his own magnificence that through this memory he might awaken to truth. May I minister to him truly through Your words and Your thoughts and Your love. 


Marianne Williamson, Illuminata, pps. 236-237


Dearly Beloved, Grace and Peace to you.                               

Walking in the woods this morning I was distracted; my mind wandered out of the woods, far away from them and from me. I kept having to return to the woods, return to this morning, return to myself. Then I would leave again.

The trees called out to me, the leaves gently turning fall colors, the sun reaching its long arms through them to me, to me walking there, but I didn't notice.

But they were still there, weren't they, calling to me, reaching out, surrounding me.

Most of the time I don't notice God in this world, in the people around me, in all that is. But God is still there, calling, reaching out, surrounding.

If we can't live in holiness all the time we can remember now and then. We can return. God is still there, waiting for us. Each moment is a return.

Deep Blessings,

Steve Garnaas-Holmes 

Unfolding Light


“Gives and Takes” - This spiritual practice was inspired by an article in Spirituality and Heath magazine by Deanna Minich, PHD 


Pamela Robertson