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About Pam Rotelle Robertson

Pam is a wife and mother of four children from Summit, NJ. She is a graduate of Drew University's Theological School with a Master's Degree in Ministry, and a Certificate in Spiritual Formation. Pam is a graduate of the Advanced Spiritual Direction Intensive Program at Moravian Seminary where she also completed Training in The Practices of Wisdom.

Pam facilitates small groups and gives talks on a variety of topics, including The Power of Words, Insightful Parenting and How to Create More Joy, Stillness and Clarity in Your Life. Check out her Events page!

Personal Bio

When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a veterinarian, but I was shy and lacked the self confidence that I have now. Over the years, I recognized that I had an intuitive understanding of my spirituality and I was fortunate to have four grandparents that were great wisdom teachers who influenced my young life. My grandparents’ wisdom planted a seed that helped me realize my gifts and summon the confidence to pursue a fulfilling path as an adult.


It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties, when my mom died, that I would use the tools I was taught and lean in on my spirituality.  After suddenly losing my mom, I realized the fragility of life, and became reconnected with a curiosity about my purpose and my contributions to the world. A few years later, newly married and with my first child, I joined a women’s circle and found exactly what I was looking for to feed my soul in a way that was positive and nourishing. 

After several years of being a participant, I was invited to lead a group on my own. I accepted the invitation, although reluctantly, and unknowingly took the first step in changing the course of my life. This invitation led me back to school to pursue a Masters degree while raising four small children. 

Unlocking this side of me brought upon the choice to be strong, gave me confidence, and a greater sense of joy. I now live out this passion by connecting with others through my teaching, while living in New Jersey with my husband, children and two dogs.


How it all began

Contemplating wise words from great thinkers at a young age became an important practice for Pam. When she started teaching and leading groups, she began handing out inspirational quotes on slips of paper. Reading them together became her signature spiritual exercise. Years later she would place a big bowl of quotes on her daughter’s desk to offer her encouragement during a bumpy transition to high school. This invitation led to creating a business selling quotes in small jars.

Pam is the Co-Founder of Meredith's Jars of Joy, LLC with her oldest daughter, Meredith, and has spent the last decade helping readers to spiritually connect through this simple tool. Pam gives talks on The Power of Words. She teaches others that what we say and how we choose our words can make all the difference.

Read more about Meredith’s Jars of Joy and find out how you can purchase jars of your own.



Continuing to Spread the Joy

Talking Joy podcasts are launching in the fall of 2019! Pam is the Founder of spiritual lifestyle brand, Talking Joy, providing talks that help you to realize your value while creating authentic connections with others. 

Pam believes that nothing that we do is without impact on our spiritual life. The intention of spiritual practices is to keep pulling us back to the present moment. It is in the here and now that we come to know ourselves and are then ready to connect with others in a much more meaningful way. At the close of each podcast, Pam shares quotes from Meredith’s Jars of Joy.


Talking Joy the Podcast

Talking Joy Podcasts are Talks that help listeners realize their personal value while creating authentic connections with others. Through these thought provoking conversations, Pam brings the same care, inspiration and wisdom she shares in her small groups to a larger audience.


"I truly believe that our sole purpose in life is to grow spiritually. What does that mean? To surrender oneself and let life unfold as it’s meant to unfold…one event at a time. Our job is to show up, do the work consciously and compassionately and then pass along the wisdom."

~Pam Rotelle Robertson


Working with Pam

There are a variety of ways to create & spread joy. Pam offers one-on-one support, small group settings, podcasts, and larger-scale speaking engagements. Click to learn more!