Ways to Work with Pam



Diving in for a personal uplift

Spiritual Direction / Spiritual Counseling: Spiritual direction / spiritual counseling is primarily a listening practice. Through this act of listening, Pam helps people connect or reconnect with their own inner nature, possibilities, and talents.  In addition, Pam helps to foster growth that could not be achieved on one’s own. 

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Small groups

In your home, church or school

Pam leads several small women’s groups which meet bi-weekly. These groups are offered by life stage: moms of young children, moms of teenage/college-aged kids and empty nesters. Pam leads women’s circles for corporations which meet monthly. 

Pam believes we grow best in two ways: in solitude and in community. We need solitude to connect with our true selves. We need a healthy supportive community to hold us accountable and help us thrive. A balance of the two is how we become more whole.

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Speaking Events

Have pam speak at your next conference or service

Gatherings that use inspirational words and stories to demonstrate positive thinking. These strategies focus on sharing tools, providing inspiration and spiritual practices that can be applied to your everyday life.

Talking Joy - The Power of Words This presentation uses inspirational quotes to demonstrate positive thinking, and is focused on sharing strategies, inspiration, and practices that can be applied to your everyday life.

Talking Joy- Mindful Parenting These insightful conversations provide you with the tools to foster, nurture and encourage your children by helping them to discover their own unique gifts. 

Talking Joy - In the Classroom This conference serves as an opportunity to address topics related to promoting emotional health and well-being in our schools in order to best support our teachers and best serve our students. During her presentation, Pam corporates the inspiring quotes from Meredith’s jars of joy.

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How we create joy at our gatherings


Meredith’s Jars of Joy

During small groups, Pam often uses quotes from Meredith’s Jars of Joy to facilitate conversation and growth. Meredith’s Jars of Joy is a company that Pam and her daughter Meredith have been growing for the past 8 years.


Asking Thought Provoking Questions

The moment you join one of Pam’s small groups, you have entered a safe space where you can ask big questions and ponder them curiously in community. Pam presents group members with the opportunity to engage on a deeper level - a refreshing and enriching change of pace.


Judgment Free conversation

Before meetings, Pam always announces a covenant to ensure the privacy and comfort of all group members. By doing so, Pam’s small group communities are always loving, supportive, and can create lasting friendships outside each meeting.


“It’s a gentle reminder for me to take the time to “feed” myself so that I can be present for my family the rest of the day.”