Talking Joy - The Podcast

What is talking Joy podcast + what do you talk about?

Led by founder Pam Robertson, the Talking Joy Podcast features, thoughtful, real conversations with a group of women who explore the spiritual life together.

Talking Joy = Fun, thoughtful real conversations!

During this podcast series, Pam invites different guests to discuss surprise topics or questions. Each conversation that unfolds is spontaneous and authentic, guiding listeners on a spiritually deepening journey. 

At the end of each podcast, participants are invited to pick a quote from Meredith’s Jars of Joy. Using this simple spiritual practice, together we read the quotes and apply them back to the discussion topic. 



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Meet the Cast


Blair Kimmel

Blair Kimmel is excited to be part of the Talking Joy team. After having worked for twelve years at an investment bank, Blair loves being a stay at home mom for her son and daughter. She enjoys volunteering in her community, in her children’s schools and in her church, where she she has served as a Deacon for the past three years. Blair joined Pam’s small group four years ago and has found the experience enriching. She likes finding new ways to incorporate mindfulness practices into her life and foster kindness in her children.


Jo-Ann Evangelist

Jo-Ann is a Dental Hygienist, Yoga Instructor, Meditator and Wellness Enthusiast. She is a mom of two active little ones and a loving wife. She is from Rhode Island originally, where she founded her love of nature, spirituality and health. Jo-Ann is an active member of her church and feels that spirituality is an integral part of life.

“I am so blessed to be a part of Talking Joy, Pam’s talks and Podcasts leave me feeling more fulfilled every time!”


Lindsay Bell

Lindsay Bell is a mother of three. She has lived in Summit, NJ for 8 years and loves the town and community.  Lindsay met Pam by joining one of her small groups. Her goal was to meet other like-minded women. What she found was a home filled with amazing friends and mothers who support and champion each other. She feels so lucky to live in a town that offers such a wonderful community of women who share her values.

“Pam’s small group allowed me to be spiritual in my own way. I feel most connected to my spirituality through nature, acts of kindness and generosity and Pam has taught us that they are happening all around us – if you have your eyes open to them.“


Ariane Pfaff

Ariane Pfaff is a wife and a mother of two young children. Originally from New York City, Ariane and her family moved to Summit six years ago. Since then, she has been extremely involved in helping out in her children’s schools, community and church. Ariane is an advisory board member of Central Presbyterian Church’s Nursery School & Kindergarten. Ariane believes that one of the most important lessons that we can teach our children is how to be kind.

"I am very excited to be a part of something so special and unique. Pam leads these podcast talks with compassion and wisdom!


Jennifer Rustum

Jennifer Rustum worked in the financial area for several years and then switched careers working for a high end jewelry company. She is a full-time mother of 4 grown children, 2 in their early 20's and 2 teenagers. She has been very involved with various philanthropic community organizations and has shown her dedication to education by holding several chair positions in her children schools. She is also an inspirational Instagram poster, avid tennis player, fashionista, and travel lover.

"I am happy to share my personal experiences with the hopes of inspiring and helping others."


Pam Rotelle Robertson

Pam, a wife and mother of four children, created Talking Joy Podcasts to create environments that foster authentic connections and spiritual growth. 

“I truly believe that our sole purpose in life is to grow spiritually. To surrender oneself and let life unfold as it’s meant to unfold...one event at a time. Our job is to show up, do the work consciously and compassionately and then pass along the wisdom.”


Kathryn Mortko

Kathryn Mortko worked in Financial Services for over a decade. Prior to her most recent role in Marketing for a Private Equity firm she led seminars and teams in Executive Education at Harvard Business School and the Aspen Institute. She has gained valuable perspectives in the for-profit and nonprofit sector while simultaneously receiving a Masters in Human Resource Management Development and completing a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. She is a wife and full-time mother of two young girls and cherishes her time with loved ones, strives to never take a single fleeting moment for granted and feels her soul is most fully nourished when she is surrounded by nature. She also enjoys playing tennis, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.