Many of us are longing for something better... A better life, a better job, better relationships. More joy, support and authentic connection.

What if I told you that everything you need to live your life fully is already here?

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Hello! I’m Pam.

My name is Pam Rotelle Robertson and I’m the founder of lifestyle brand, Talking Joy. As a certified spiritual director, I have been leading groups and giving talks centered around the power of words, the strength of positivity, and the gift of joy. I am passionate about helping others grow by highlighting their individual gifts and revealing ways we can be spiritually present in the everyday. We can do this by focusing on what is right in front of us.


What is Talking Joy?

Talks that help you realize your value while fostering connections with others.

Pam's simple teaching encourages you to live a more meaningful joy-filled life! She helps foster growth by exploring different ways to enrich your life through simple spiritual practices. In our hectic fast-paced world, you will find that layering Pam's practices into your daily life will provide you with increased energy and new meaning.

Whether you are listening to Pam during one of her events or tuning into a podcast, you will be sure to gain the tools necessary to achieve a joyous life.


“Thank you for being someone that can guide a group of people to a better, brighter light and for being so down to earth. It's hard to find spiritual people around that don't let their beliefs get in the way.”


Working with Pam

There are a variety of ways to create & spread joy. Pam offers one-on-one support, small group settings, podcasts, and larger-scale speaking engagements. Click to learn more!




small groups


Speaking events


Talking Joy The Podcast

Talking Joy Podcasts are talks that help listeners realize their personal value while creating authentic connections with others. Through these thought provoking conversations, Pam brings the same care, inspiration and wisdom she shares in her small groups to a larger audience.